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Reilly Daylily Gardens

Hello and Welcome to our 2014 Website….


We take pride in offering this year introductions as they represent The “Best of the Best” in the world of daylilies.  They have been bred exclusively to be fertile, trouble free and winter hardy.  There should be no problem in breeding with them.  They should be your “gateway” to some awesome intro’s in your very own breeding program. On another note, May I offer some heartfelt honesty in recommending a Visit to our Garden.? I have planted over 5000 seeds this past fall, a great many Of them are diploids.  They will all bloom next spring…..As you know, I have been a devoted follower of Blue daylilies and next year should be what I have waited for…almost fifty years!!  I expect almost all to be in bloom.  Please join us for the show…(…and maybe you’ll be the beneficiary of a seedling, free of charge, just for being a daylily lover….)


Phil and Pina Reilly