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Hello and Welcome to our 2016 Website...

Wedding Pearls Dear Friends, Another year has passed and we would like again to thank you for your continued support. We are so excited about our 2016 introductions, and still continuing the legacy of Phil's program. He would be amazed at the results achieved by our new on-site hybridizer, our daughter, Marisa. First blooms this year were very promising, and we'll be following their development over the coming year. We will post a few on the website as a preview of things to come. We are looking forward to "Mecca" and sharing peak season with all of you. From the 1st week of May to the end of June daylilies put on the most amazing show, you just don't want to miss it! The garden will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. after which the irrigation system will take over!! We are located at 1230 Enterprise-Osteen Road, Enterprise, Florida, across the street from "Mariners Cove Park" entrance. Shipping starts the first of March depending on when you would like your plants to travel!! Just let us know by e-mail: or please call us at: (386) 575-0423. Click on our Order Information page to print an order form and see shipping and payment information.

If you find yourself in Florida any other time of year and you would like to stop by, we are just a phone call away. We always enjoy seeing you and have a chance to catch up on daylily stories and/or family events!! Daylily Gift Certificates make for awesome presents for any occasion! Contact us at 386-575-0423 or via e-mail with details and we'll make the necessary arrangements. In closing we like to acknowledge a true fact, the best friendships are forged over flowers, dirt and iced tea. Looking forward to seeing you and hope you have all been blessed as we have.


Happy Gardening from Pina and Marisa Reilly.

  Pina and Phil Reilly