Reilly Daylily Gardens

Hello and Welcome to our 2015 Website….


This past year has been a combination of sad moments and extremely exciting moments in the nursery. Of course, we miss Dad. If he could have been here this past Spring to see the result of his crosses from the previous Spring he would have been turning cartwheels (in his usual quiet way of course). Mom and I faced many challenges in keeping this nursery going and following his program but with her undying tenacity and perseverance I feel proud to say, "We did it!" Our 2015 introductions show the diversity of dad’s last year as an active hybridizer although we still have at least two more years of his crosses in the pipeline and many that I hybridized myself according to his wise counsel, i.e. "Branching Marisa, and don’t forget bud count, anyone can make a pretty face." I followed that to the best of my ability and I am excited to find out what comes of it. We acquired both the converted Tet and the Dip version of Emerald Starburst this year and I put it on everything out there. Hopefully I have garnered that huge green throat on some of those crosses. Time will tell. My dad used to say to me as I headed out to work, "Knock ‘em dead." I think this year he has done that himself. As I look back on this year and the work that has been put into our program I want to say that what comes of this nursery will not be determined by his loss but by his presence!! There were many mornings when I could feel him looking over my shoulder when I had pollen in hand wandering around looking for a flower to place it on. We look forward to seeing all of you this Spring ! Many heartfelt thanks to all of our friends near and far who sent condolences and support. We couldn’t have done it without y’all (as they say down here).

Happy Gardening from Pina and Marisa Reilly.


Phil and Pina Reilly