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2018 Intros

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32" M Sev 6" 4 way 22 buds TET
This bloom is perfect in every way ! Soft peach colour,  large petals and sepals with a darker rouged eyezone and  green throat, slightly sculped and so soft to the touch!! It earned  a special place in our garden, it will do the same for you!!
$90.00 SF 
32" M  Sev 7" 4 way 18 buds TET
An open face peach bloom with a bold raspberry eyezone showing off an intense green throat. A beautiful addition to your garden !!
$65.00 SF
32" EM Sev 7" 3 way 20 buds TET 
Violets and purples! Deeply saturated eyezone prominently  displayed on both petals and sepals. See how watermark blends into the bright lemon yellow throat ,just like the slice of ice cream it's named after!!
$90.00 SF
28" EM Sev 7"  3 way 18 buds TET
A merlot red  surrounded by prominent silver watermark, silver and gold eyezone with a gently toothy ruffled edge. Colors remain bright  through out the day in our Florida sultry weather!!
$90.00 SF
28" EM Sev  5"  5 way 26 buds DIP  
This beautiful clear rose pink with a complex eye of cherry and silver followed by a bright greeen throat is always at its best anytime of day aptly named for my granddaughter Jacqueline!!
$65.00 SF
26" M Sev 5" 4 way 22 buds TET
Bolder and brighter than picture!! Bold golden orange with large reddish eyezone, small vivid green throat and double ruffled edge, this bloom bright colors can not help but draw  attention to itself no matter where you place it in your garden.
$90.00 SF
28" M Sev 6" 5 way 20 buds TET
Truly a perfect round shape!! Cream ivory bloom with a gentle shade of pink that repeats itself on the soft ruffled edge, but  the final touch that makes this our favorite is  the luminous green throat!
$65.00 SF
30" M Sev  6" 4 way 30 buds DIP
Vibrant buttery yellow  set off by a large intense green throat, patterned purple raspberry eyezone showing  on both petals and sepals 
$65.00 SF